Little Blacktail Ranch Park HOA


We have a new snow plow contractor this year.  Shaun Mort of SM Earthwork has been chosen by your board of directors to plow our asscoiation roads.  Your HOA president Cathy Oliver will be the person working directly with our new contractor to schedule plowing our roads.  You can contact her to report any problems or concerns, her phone number is 208-651-0066.  

Shaun is also available to plow your property driveways at a seperate cost to you.  You can reach him at 208-217-0849 or with his email at for a quote.  

As we go through this transition from our previous contractor to a new one, we ask for your patience as it will be a bit different than previously and will take some time for them to work out any issues. Our goals remain to provide a safe road condition and we are confident the change will suit your needs.  

Thank you!! 

Posted by bill&nola on 10/23/2018
Last updated on 12/18/2018
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